NY100 Heartbeats

08 July 2017, Saturday

Launched in October 2016, NY100 Heartbeats offered structure, advice and funding to encourage and support students, staff and alumna of NYGH to take the lead in organising ground-up initiatives to engage its community and/or celebrate its heritage. It was open to individuals or groups seeking to develop small to moderately-sized ideas, events or activities.

Its goals were to celebrate the milestone 100th Anniversary in a manner that recognized its significance and highlighted achievements of the past. Project participants were encouraged to consider having community engagement and heritage as two pillars to design and implement their projects.

Response was fantastic, with 291 different project owners voluntarily implementing 76 project ideas by the end of August 2017. On their own time, they brainstormed for great ideas for betterment of the school environment, put together activities in service of others and held events which celebrated camaraderie and sorority. Many of the project owners gave feedback that NY100 Heartbeats allowed them to contribute to Nanyang’s rich history and promising future, by being able to exercise greater personal ownership and meaning in crafting their very own celebrations.

Featured are some of the 76 projects (shown in pictures above):

  • A mural painted in the Student Activities Centre
  • A music video of one of the songs in NY100 Sing
  • Cupcakes as morale-boosters for teachers, baked by students