AY2018 Sec 1 Posting

24 November 2017, Friday


Briefing and registration begin at 8.30 am and will end at about 11 am on 22 Dec 2017, Friday. It is held at School Hall (main building).

  • Programme line-up on Sec 1 Registration Day:
  • Welcome address by Principal
  • Briefing by Sec 1 Year Heads
  • Briefing on Talent Programmes
  • Briefing on Registration Procedures
  • Registration Exercise

Students are advised to come in their primary school uniform and to bring along their ezlink card (School Smart Card) for identification purpose.


Sale of Textbooks and School Uniform are available in School on the following dates:

Date/ Day



22 Dec 2017, Fri

(Sec 1 Registration Day)

9am - 3pm

Textbooks: Level 1, Classroom Blk

Uniform: Level 1, Science Blk

26- 29 Dec 2017

Mon - Fri

9am - 3pm School Bookshop

23- 30 Dec 2017


9am - 12pm School Bookshop

02 Jan 2018 onwards

Mon - Fri (term time)

7.30am - 4pm School Bookshop


To view the AY2018 S1 Booklist, click Here.

To view the School Uniform letter for S1 Parents, click Here.

Alternatively, from 1 Dec 2017 onwards, students may purchase their:

  • Textbooks from School Bookshop directly (Tel: 6462 6069)
  • School uniform at Shanghai School Uniforms outlet: o 63 Ubi Ave 1, Boustead House, #04-09. Tel: 6352 2741

We offer the Art Elective Programme (AEP) and Higher Music Programme (HMP) to students with special talents and keen interest in art and music respectively. Please note that students may opt to take either AEP or HMP but not both due to restrictions in timetable.

The selection criteria foreach programme are as follows:

A. Art Elective Programme Selection Trial Period

There is no prerequisite requirement to optfor AEP.

Students who are interested to take AEP are required to indicate intereston registration day (22 Dec2017) atthe AEP booth in the hall.They will be placed together in the AEP classes where they will go through 5 weeks of trial lessons for the teachers to assess their suitability.

During the trial period, students will go through a series of lessons to experience and further understand the requirements and expectations of the programme. Drawing and writing tasks would be administered as part of the selection test throughout the 5 weeks. Interviews and portfolio reviews will also be done during the course and students are highly encouraged to put together some of their drawings and craft works they have done to date.

Students in the same class who are not undergoing the AEP trial lessons will be doing Food Studiesand General Art during AEP trial lessons. At the end of the trial period, students who are selected for AEP will sign an undertaking form from MOE to officially enrol into AEP while the non-selected students will do Food Studies and General Art lessons with their other classmates.

Duration of SelectionTrial Period: 8 Jan to 8 Feb 2018 (5 weeks)

The final selection results for AEP will be released via email/ phone by 6 pm, 9 Feb 2018, Friday.

B. Higher Music Programme Selection Test(Written)*

Time: 22 Dec 2017, 12–1 pm

Venue: Music Studio 1(AR3-06) on Level 3

(Please be seated 10 minutes before the start of test.)

*Students with at least a Grade 5 ABRSM or equivalent for both theory and practical are exempted from both the selection test and audition. Interested candidates will fill up an application form on 22 Dec 2017 atthe HMP booth inthe hall, and submit supporting certified music documents for consideration into the programme at the same time.

*Students with Grade 4 ABRSM or equivalent and below for both theory and practical will be required to take a selection test and audition. Candidates will be informed of the written selection test resultsvia email/phone by 6 pm,22 Dec 2017. Auditions will be conducted on27 Dec 2017for candidates who have passed the written selection test. Candidates will be required to perform 2 contrasting music pieces of their choice on their first musical instrument and 1 music piece of their choice on asecond musical instrument (if any) as well as sight-sing during audition.

Thefinal selection resultsfor HMP will be released via email/phone by 6 pm, 29 Dec 2017 (Friday).

You may contact Mrs Mae Ho at [email protected] for more information on either programmes.


The Sec 1 Orientation Programme will be held from 2–5 Jan 2018. The Orientation Programme will give students an opportunity to know the school, to learn about the various CCA groups and most importantly, to ease the transition from primary to secondary school. Students get to interact with their teachers and peers, an important element to building up the Nanyang school community and their integration into school life.

The Orientation Programme schedule is given to parents at the Sec 1 Registration. Please note that this Orientation Programme is compulsory and students are to report to school in full NYGH uniform by 8 am on 2 Jan 2018. Students are to check the noticeboard outside the General Office for the class allocation before reporting to the school quadrangle for morning assembly. Student leaders will be around to assist them


Parents are invited to attend the Parent-Teacher Meeting on 5 Jan 2018 (Friday) from 5.30 to 8 pm. At 5.30 pm parents are invited to meet the form teachers of their child, as well as parents of the other children in the class in their child’s classroom. Following this, they will proceed to the Auditorium for a briefing on school matters at 6 pm. Registration begins at 5.15 pm outside the Auditorium.

Parents who are interested in touring the school compound are welcome to join the school tour jointly organised by our Parent Support Group and student leaders from 4.30 pm.


School starts at 8.10 am on Mondays and 8.15 am on other days. School ends by 2.30 pm each day except for the listed Wednesdays (17 Jan, 7 Feb, 28 Feb, 4 Apr, 25 Apr, 16 May), when school will end at 3.30 pm.

Parents fetching their daughters are advised to arrive 10 min after dismissal time to give their daughters time to pack up.


MOELC has arranged for all NYGH students to attend Third Language on Monday. One-way transport is available from school to MOELC. Application form for bus transport will be available during Sec 1 Registration Day.

The school has made arrangements for Sec 1 students to attend the Malay Special Programme in school. Those who are keen to enrol in the Malay Special Programme must collect the application form from the school during Sec 1 Registration Day and submit it to the school’s General Office by 4 Jan 2018, Thursday.


Please download the application form here, or obtain the form from the General Office.
Application Period is from 21 December 2017, 9 am to 22 December 2017, 5pm. In view of the tight time-line, only successful applicants will be notified (via phone call). An application is deemed unsuccessful should you not hear from us by 28 December 2017, 5pm.