Life skills programmes provide platforms for our students to develop life skills and engage in social emotional learning. Different types of experiences are crafted for the different levels.

Level Description
 Secondary 1  Life Skills Camp
 Secondary 2  Boarding School Experience
 Secondary 3  Outward Bound Singapore (OBS) Course
 Secondary 4  Life Skills Camp & Career Conference/ Fair



The aim of Community Education is to develop in our students the knowledge, skills, values and attitudes to respectfully engage and meaningfully serve the community.

The four-year Community Education Programme (ComEd) incorporates service-learning, experiential learning and leadership development in a scaffolded manner that progresses from Exploration to Inquiry to Agency.

Level Description
 Secondary 1


 Community Education through Service to School and Cross-Cultural Learning

 Secondary 2

 Exploration & Inquiry 

 Community Education through SPICE

 Secondary 3

 Inquiry & Agency 

 Community Education through the Community Leadership Programme or Self-Initiated Service-Learning Projects

 Secondary 4


 Community Education through the Community Leadership Programme, Self-Initiated Service-Learning Projects and/or  Capstone Project



A Nanyang Student Leader (NYSL) is

  • a role model and a servant leader,
  • confident to lead those around her and remains resilient in the face of challenges and changes,
  • able to positively influence and motivate others to be better versions of themselves,
  • caring and empathetic to those she serves and leads,
  • capable of making informed choices and has clarity and purpose in her thoughts and actions.


Student leaders develop their leadership knowledge, skills, values and attitudes through on-the-job experiences, workshops, seminars, camps, service-learning projects, cross-cultural learning, self-reflection and mentoring by teachers and seniors.

The Student Leadership Development programme undergoes regular reviews to ensure that the experiences are kept current and relevant for the students and the school, and meaningful opportunities are created for students to develop their leadership potential.



The Counselling Programme is helmed by the Student Support Team, with members who are full-time school counsellors, teacher counsellors and a student befriender. Counselling is a collaborative process in which the counsellor helps the students to broaden their perspectives, expand their repertoire of coping resources and enable them to make choices without destructive consequences to self or others. The goal of intervention is to help students manage their problems effectively as part of their emotional and social development.