Open House

07 April 2018, Saturday
  • Start 8:00 AM - Apr 7 2018
  • End 2:00 PM - Apr 7 2018
  • Public

Travel Advice

We are expecting a large turnout at our Open House on Sat 7 April 2018.

Visitors are strongly advised to use public transport. (Nearest MRT Stations: Sixth Avenue St. and Tan Kah Kee St.)

We seek your kind understanding and look forward to giving all our visitors a pleasant experience during our Open House.

School Talk Sessions

School Talk in English
Venue: Siew May Auditorium
 8.30am – 9.15am
10.30am – 11.15am
12.30pm – 1.15pm
School Talk in Mandarin 
Venue: Lecture Theatre 1
8.50am – 9.35am
10.50am – 11.35am
12.50pm – 1.35pm
Talk on School-Based Gifted Education (SBGE)    
Venue: Conference Rooms B and C on Level 4 of the Admin Block
9.00am – 9.45am
11.15am – 12noon
1.15pm – 2pm
Talk by Hwa Chong Institution    
Venue: Lecture Theatre 2
9.25am – 9.50am
10am – 10.25am
11.55pm – 12.20pm
1.35pm – 2pm 


CCA Performances

Venue: Quadrangle
10.15am NPCC Rifle
12.15pm NPCC Rifle


Venue: School Hall (Level 2)
9.00am Concert Band
9.15am String Ensemble
9.30am Guzheng
9.45am DALT
9.55am Choir
10.10am Modern Dance
10.20am Chinese Dance
10.30am Wushu 
10.40am Chinese Orchestra
10.55am Conduct Me (Chinese Orchestra)
11.10am Conduct Me (String Ensemble)
11.25am Conduct Me (Concert Band)
11.45am Concert Band
12.00pm String Ensemble
12.15pm Guzheng
12.30pm DALT
12.40pm Choir
12.55pm Modern Dance
1.05pm Chinese Dance
1.15pm Wushu
1.25pm Chinese Orchestra


Higher Music Programme Performances

Venue: Art Gallery,  Aesthetics Block (Level 1)
9.45am Piano Solo
9.55am Piano Solo
10.00am Piano Solo
10.45am Guzheng Solo
10.50am Oboe
10.55am Voice
11.05am Guzheng Solo
11.10am Violin Solo
11.45am Dizi Solo
11.50am Piano Solo
11.55am Erhu Solo
12.30pm Piano Duet
12.35pm Saxophone
12.40pm Piano Solo
12.45pm Violin Solo
12.55pm Flute
1.00pm Dizi Solo
1.05pm Piano Trio
1.10pm Piano Duet


Activities from 8am - 2pm

Venue: Printmaking Room,  Aesthetics Block (Level 1)

Baking Chocolate Chips Cookies
Venue: Food Studies Kitchen,  Aesthetics Block (Level 4)

Magic Show, Making Slime,  Alginate Worms and UV Bracelets
Venue: Bio Lab 2,  Science & Technology Block (Level 1)

Biodiversity Quiz, Upcycling
Venue: Outside Canteen (Level 1)