Total Curriculum

NYGH embarked on the Integrated Programme (IP) in 2004 with aim of nurturing Reflective, Responsive and Responsible (3R) Learners.

Along the way, the academic curriculum had been constantly refined. To take the curriculum to the next stage, in 2011, the school embarked on aligning the academic with the student development programmes to achieve a coherent Total Curriculum.



CCE : Character and Citizenship Education | SEL : Social Emotional Learning | 3R+ : Talent Development 3R Core : Core Curriculum



 Recognises strengths & limitations of self/others

 Poses and seeks answers to essential questions

 Gives thoughtful consideration to own learning


 Deals with unfamiliar situations with courage

 Communicates effectively in both English and Chinese languages

 Looks at ideas from various viewpoints

 Reacts with empathy & takes initiative to help others


 Persists with tasks despite difficulty

 Takes ownership of own and team’s learning

 Acts with integrity & with a strong sense of respect of self & others