Student Development

Citizenship & Character Education (CCE)

Student Development is realised through specially designed curriculum and programmes in CCE. In NYGH, we take a whole school approach towards student development with every teacher, a character educator. Our vision of an all-round student is a “respected member of society” who
▪    makes responsible decisions, well-anchored in values despite the ever-changing world she strives in
▪    is  equipped  with  the  social  and  emotional  competencies  to  cope  with  the ambiguities of life especially in a rapidly globalizing world
▪    leads a healthy lifestyle;
▪    has an appreciation for the arts;
▪    is  a  leader  in  all  walks  of  her  life,  especially  showing  great  self-mastery/leadership; and
▪    is an active global citizen who displays a strong sense of belonging to Singapore while showing great willingness to serve the community

Student Support 

This programme provides opportunities for students to pursue activities that promote their psychosocial well-being and increase their knowledge and awareness of the importance of mental health and well-being. It also aims to provide timely and appropriate psychological support for students. 

The programme includes
1. Psychosocial Guidance and Support
▪    tailored modules for individuals or groups to improve self-esteem, resilience and strengthen personal mastery skills
▪    school assembly sessions to teach or sharpen students’ skills in addressing barriers to learning and in enhancing their development in mental health
2. Responsive Services
▪    counselling students in crises or those who request advice or support
▪    group work (e.g. CCA groups) requested by teachers or CCA coaches
▪    Indirect Student Services
3. Indirect Student Services
▪    consultation with educators, community organisations, teachers and/or parents of students concerned to discuss their issue and to support them
▪    equipping teachers with relevant knowledge and skills to better handle their students (e.g. sharing of solution-focused questioning techniques with teachers at level meetings)

Student Leadership 

Given the high calibre of our students, we believe that all our students can be developed as leaders at different levels of competency. Our Student Leadership Programme therefore aims to develop every Nanyang student leader into an active agent of change in her community. Our Nanyang student leader is one who is
▪    Confident  to lead those around her and remains resilient to challenges and changes 
▪    Able  to exert a positive influence and motivate others to push themselves to do better
▪    Caring and empathetic to those whom she leads and serves
▪    Informed as she makes strategic choices and enlightened in her thoughts and actions
The design of our Student Leadership Programme and activities are guided by the following principles:
▪    All Nanyang girls have the opportunity to develop their leadership potential over the 4 years;
▪    Programmes and activities are customized to the needs and talents of the students.