Intellectually gifted pupils require a high degree of mental stimulation to match their abilities and fulfill their potential.

The NYGH School Based Gifted Education (SBGE) aims to provide instruction and enrichment that appropriately challenge and support these pupils. We aim to develop intellectual rigour, humanity and creativity in the youths and prepare them for responsible leadership and service to country and society.
The Gifted Education Department offers curriculum and out-of-class activities that is differentiated in terms of content, process, product and learning environment. Enrichment is chosen as the means of differentiating the curriculum for the gifted. The enriched curriculum is based on the national curriculum. Contents are covered in greater depth and breadth. There is greater emphasis on creativity and higher level thinking skills.
The NYGH SBGE places great emphasis on self-awareness, social awareness and involvement in the community. Affective education is taught not only during Civics and Moral Education lessons but infused in all the enriched subjects as well. In addition to CME, the differentiated goals of Affective Education in the SBGE take into account the characteristics of the gifted. According to Morelock (1992), Giftedness is asynchronous development in which advanced cognitive abilities and heightened intensity combine to create inner experiences and awareness that are qualitatively different from the norm. This asynchrony increases with higher intellectual capacity.
The combination of asynchronous development, advanced cognitive abilities and heightened intensity creates an emotional intensity and strong sensitivity in gifted pupils not commonly experienced by their peers in the mainstream. Hence, the differentiated goals of the AE curriculum in the SBGE are for pupils to develop sound moral values through a process of reflection and search for meaning and fulfillment.
To further develop thinking skills and creativity, we also offer Individualised Research Studies, Future Problem Solving and Mentorship programmes to our SBGE girls.
All students under SBGE are put in the same class or in selected class for subjects under Talent Development Programme, to enable teachers to implement differentiated teaching pedagogies on them and create a conducive and accelerated learning environment.