Direct School Admissions (DSA)

08 May 2017, Monday
For Secondary 1 Admission in 2018
1. What is Direct School Admission (DSA)?

Introduced in 2004, the DSA scheme provides students with the opportunity to seek admission to Nanyang Girls’ High School (NYGH), based on a diverse range of academic and non-academic achievements and talents that they can demonstrate beyond the PSLE.

Primary 6 students who wish to seek admission to NYGH based on their achievements and talents can consider applying through the DSA. Otherwise, students will take part in the Sec 1 Posting Exercise, whereby admission is based on merit according to their PSLE results.

Students who have been successfully allocated to NYGH via DSA will NOT be allowed to participate in the Sec 1 Posting Exercise to opt for other secondary schools as places have already been reserved for them in NYGH. They will also NOT be allowed to transfer to another school after the release of the PSLE results. They are expected to honour the commitment to NYGH in Year 1 to 4 and to Hwa Chong Institution (HCI) in Year 5 to 6. NYGH runs the 6-year Integrated Programme, in partnership with HCI.

Parents and students are encouraged to choose schools wisely based on the students’ aptitudes and strengths, bearing in mind NYGH’s academic and non-academic requirements, and the programmes available to develop the students. 

2.  What are the important dates for this year’s DSA?
No. Description Time Frame

Primary 6 students submit e-application and upload relevant supporting documents via NYGH DSA application portal.

The administration fee for the application is S$30. This fee is waived for the top 20 individuals at the National Chinese Challenge and top 30 individuals at the Singapore-Malaysia Bilingual Olympiad (SMBO).

NYGH has discontinued the use of General Ability Test (GAT) from 2017 in our DSA selection process. Please refer to point 3 for the admission criteria via DSA.

Applicants who are not studying in MOE mainstream schools are required to obtain a Registration Number from MOE Customer Service Centre. Applicants need to present their registration number before NYGH can process the applications.

Applicants who are international students are to take part in the Admissions Exercise for International Students (AEIS), before NYGH consider their DSA applications.

15 May to 1 July, 12 noon


NYGH conducts trials/auditions for applicants who have applied under the Sports or Aesthetics domain.

Audition for Higher Music Programme under Aesthetics domain is only for shortlisted applicants. 

Dates for trials/auditions under DSA Sports or Aesthetics domains can be found on the online DSA Application Portal. Please contact the teacher-in-charge via email should you have any queries regarding the trials. 

Mid May – Mid July

NYGH informs shortlisted applicants for interview. 



NYGH conducts interviews. 

July – August


Applicants receive outcome of the selection exercise. 

By 31 August

Students who receive at least one DSA offer may indicate up to three school preferences. They can do so online via the DSA-Sec Internet System or physically at their primary schools. 

30 October, 9am to 3 November, 3pm

The results of the DSA Exercise will be released to students, on the same day as the release of PSLE results. 

Late November
3.  What are the DSA Selection criteria?


Criteria Domains
Sports Aesthetics Bilingual Science Technology Engineering Mathematics (STEM)
Primary 5 & 6 results
Outstanding achievements at national and/or international level
Demonstration of keen interest and talent beyond the abilities of students in the same age group
Performance at trials or auditions    
Performance at interview
Leadership experience
Community awareness


4. What is the admission cut-off point for 2017 Secondary 1 students (annual posting exercise)?

For 2017 Secondary 1 admission, the cut-off was 264 (inclusive of bonus points for Higher Mother Tongue).

Over the years, the cut-off point has ranged between 260 and 265.


5. How many Secondary 1 students will be accepted in 2018?

The projected number is 390.


6. How much are the school and miscellaneous fees?

School fees

Nationality Sec 1 Sec 2 Sec 3 Sec 4
Singapore Citizens S$250 S$250 S$300 S$300
Singapore Permanent Residents S$450 S$450 S$520 S$520
International Students from ASEAN Countries S$950 S$950 S$1100 S$1100
International Students from Non-ASEAN Countries S$1250 S$1250 S$1400 S$1400


Miscellaneous fees

All students : $750 per year


Students who are recipients of MOE award

Students in the Art Elective Programme (AEP), recipients of Edusave Entrance Scholarships for Independent Schools (EESIS) and Singapore-MOE Awards (SMA)

Sec 1 to 4
MOE Subsidy: S$200 per month

Singapore students who need financial assistance may apply for the Ministry of Education’s Independent School Bursary (MOE-ISB) for school fee subsidy. The school also has bursaries for students who do not qualify for ISB and for other fees payable. The application form will be available from the school’s Accounts Office in mid-December 2017.


7. Does the school offer MEP (Music Elective Programme)?

Though our school is not an MEP centre, we offer our own Higher Music Programme (HMP) which is modelled after the MEP. However students in our HMP do not enjoy fee subsidy unless they are on EESIS.


8. How does one qualify for the AEP?

Only students who are admitted to our school are invited to indicate interest on the registration day. They will go through 5 weeks of trial lessons for the teachers to assess their suitability. During the trial period, students will be doing AEP instead of Food Studies and General Art. By the end of the trial period, students who are selected for AEP will sign an undertaking form from MOE to officially enrol into AEP while the students who are not selected for the programme will resume their Food Studies and General Art lessons.

As AEP is an MOE-initiated programme, students enrolled in the programme are required to continue with this programme at upper secondary.


9.  What is Integrated Programme (IP)?

The IP is a 6-year enriched curriculum that equips students with the necessary knowledge and skills to proceed directly to the A-Level programme in Hwa Chong Institution.


10. Who to contact for more information and further inquiries?

For DSA matters, please call our hotline number 6508 3654, Monday – Friday 9.00 a.m. to 4.00 p.m. or email [email protected] from 8 May to 31 August 2017. Please note that the hotline and email address will be removed after 31 August 2017.


Please submit your application here.