Maths Olympiad Training

This training is generally meant for students who are in the top 10-12% for Mathematics. Besides preparing the students for competitions, this course also develop students in terms of different forms of mathematical thinking and problem-solving skills.

Mathematics Research Project

This programme is open to selected students. Teachers and experts from NTU and NUS mentor these students in groups over a semester and good projects are selected for Project Festival organised by the Singapore Math Society. The research mentorship process for this programme is a rigorous one and aims to inspire students to further pursue research in Mathematics in the future.

Advanced Mathematics - Pre-Calculus with Trigonometry Course

The Advanced Mathematics course is a customised course developed based on the Honors Precalculus with Trigonometry online course from Stanford Online High School.  This course aims to provide opportunities for content acceleration for students with strong aptitude in Mathematics.  It is open to selected students at the Sec 3 and 4 level.