The NYGH Humanities Programme (HP) was introduced  with the aim to provide students with outstanding talents in the Humanities an enriched curriculum in terms of breadth and depth of coverage.  

This is a two-year programme that takes the students from Sec 3 to Sec 4, and is helmed by two departments - the Humanities and English departments.

Students in this programme go through an enriched and differentiated curriculum for Humanities. They have to take Advanced Literature (HP).(All students in NYGH take Literature under Language Arts and students who are interested in taking Literature as a 'pure' humanities subject may take Advanced Literature. All HP students are expected to take Advance Literature (HP) which covers English Literature in even greater depth.) In addition, HP students have a choice of taking Advanced Geography or Advanced History. (Non-HP students are only offered Geography or History.) 
Philosophical Inquiry is also part of the HP curriculum.
Students in this programme are strongly encouraged to continue with HP offered in HCI and many are awarded the Humanities Scholarship offered by the Ministry of Education.

Other Mentorship Programmes offered to students to stretch their Humanities education include:

▪    Humanities and Social Sciences Research Programme (HSSRP)  (By selection only – NUS/NTU)
▪    NUS Creative Arts Programme (CAP)
▪    Moot Parliament Programme  (MPP)
▪    Humanities Mentorship Programme (HMP)