Global Classroom Programme (GCP)

GCP was designed to help our students discover the global diversity and develop a genuine understanding of people both within our country and beyond our shores.  As a school with a strong bicultural emphasis, this programme provides our students with opportunities to experience both the East and the West.  In travelling the country and the world, our students widen their horizons as they immerse themselves in different practices and cultures, moving towards becoming true global citizens.

GCP aims to achieve the following objectives:

  • To enable all students to possess a global outlook and operate within multi-national settings
  • To heighten students’ awareness of their role as gracious ambassadors of Singapore
  • To develop students' positive thinking and problem-solving skills when taken out of their comfort   zone
  • To develop student leadership and sense of responsibility to their surroundings
  • To develop students' sense of curiosity and deepen their understanding of the world

The experiential learning approach is adopted in this programme. Every trip focuses on at least one of the three experiential learning domains, with the longer trips covering all three aspects. Reflective activities are conducted during and after the trips and our teachers are trained facilitators.

Boarding School Experience LIGHT (BseLIGHT)

The Boarding School Experience BseLIGHT is a school activity exclusive to all current Secondary 4 students.

BseLIGHT complements the NYGH curriculum and aims to facilitate our students’ development into 1) a Woman of Character, 2) an Empowered Learner, and 3) an Agent of Change. The programme is based on the theme of self-discovery and is rooted in the principles of experiential learning. 

At the end of the 1-week BseLIGHT programme, students will be able to reflect on their experiences and:

  • Be capable of responsible decision-making
  • Be more aware of the importance of managing their emotions, especially in relation to others
  • Be more appreciative and aware of the different cultures, habits and lifestyles of others