Corporate Social Responsibility

Guided by the school’s culture of excellence and vision to produce respected members of society, NYGH aims:

  1. To be an exemplar of good practices for others as an organization
  2. To be socially responsible role models

To ensure that the school embraces responsibility for its actions and processes, as well as to create positive impact on the community, environment and stakeholders, NYGH identifies four areas of focus as part of its CSR:

  1. Leader in Education
  2. Good Corporate Governance
  3. Activism in Environment Conservation
  4. Service to Community


Our CSR and Approaches

Leader in Education

As a school with an established curriculum and management system, as well as long term strategic partnerships, NYGH aims to share its good practices and teaching-learning resources with the larger education community.

The Approaches it takes include:
1. Establishing itself as a Centre of Excellence to share its resources and good practices
2. Initiating alliance to achieve global synergy in teaching and learning
3. Sharing actively at national and international platforms
4. Initiating sharing platforms to reach out to both local and international educators

Good Corporate Governance

NYGH believes that good corporate governance is critical to establishing a positive organisational culture, building integrity as well as a sense of responsibility and prudence. Good corporate governance is evident by responsibility and transparency.

The approaches it takes include:

1. Sound performance management
2. Strict processes to ensure compliance and accountability

Activism in Environment Conservation 

NYGH believes that its role in environment conservation involves both physical green efforts and education. It also believes in such efforts both within the school and beyond.

Its environment conservation approaches therefore focuses on:
1. Green Building Standards
2. Green Technology
3. Green Education
4. Green Partnerships

Service to Community 

By promoting community service as a school value, NYGH develops in both its staff and students a sense of service.

The approaches it takes include:

1. Strategic community partnership
2. Sharing of resources
3. Sharing of expertise
4. Staff and student service-learning

Keeping People at the Core 

Creating a culture of change and responsibility starts with people. Staff and students are encouraged to:

  1. Initiate and implement CSR programmes
  2. Participate in CSR programmes
  3. Celebrate CSR successes