Bicultural Engagements

BSP [Chinese] offered in Nanyang Girls’ High School and Hwa Chong Institution aims to develop bicultural talents who are passionate about learning the cultures of the East and West.  This programme stretches the potential of a student who is good at both languages and allows them to appreciate both cultures in greater depth.  This is also a programme that broadens the students’ horizons and global perspectives.
Through historical analyses, experiential learning and other approaches that cultivate the students’ interest, this programme aims to deepen students’ understanding of history, social issues, economic development and international relations of contemporary China.

Students will get a chance to have an immersion programme in China, the UK or the US to gain a better understanding the different cultures. They are also expected to do topical research on the two cultures. Similar to other Global Classroom Programme trips designed by NYGH, these trips incorporate the experiential learning approach.

In addition, students get a chance to learn translation. Designed in-house, this course aims to guide students to gain a better understanding of the differing analytical approaches and styles adopted by the East and the West, as they go through the different translation exercises.  

Chinese Language Elective Programme (CLEP)

CLEP aims to nurture the language talent of students who have an aptitude for Chinese language so that they can attain a higher level of proficiency and a better understanding of Chinese language and literature.
CLEP provides a wide range of activities to enhance students’ learning and cultivate a deeper interest in Chinese language and culture, including literary lecture series, camp, immersion trips, publishing of literary works and school-based projects.
NYGH organises immersion trips to Taiwan for our CLEP students annually, focusing on Chinese creative writing.