Art Elective Programme (AEP)

AEP is meant for students who are both talented and interested in art. It aims to develop well-rounded and well-informed art talents in a conducive environment that promotes creativity. Besides regular lessons, visits to art galleries and museums are also organised to expose students to the experience of art viewing and appreciation.  Hands-on activities outside the classrooms are also arranged to broaden the students' authentic experiences as artists.
Students in the programme will develop intermediate level skills in craft types such as drawing, painting, illustration and photography, as well as gain literacy in print, design and video software. They will also learn about the history of Western Art and Southeast Asian Art.
Graduates from this programme are also strongly encouraged to further their studies in AEP offered by HCI in Years 5-6.

Higher Music Programme (HMP)

HMP is meant for students with the aptitude and passion for music. (Applicants must have music background of at least a Grade 4 in Practical and Theory.) Besides regular lessons, the programme also organises concerts for the students to expose them to authentic performance experiences. Opportunities to perform outside the classrooms and school are also created to broaden the students' experiences as musicians.
At the end of the programme, students will:

▪    Develop skills in music analysis, basic composition, performance in a first and second instrument,     contemporary music notation and sequencing software
▪    Develop knowledge and understanding of the history of music
▪    Cultivate a deeper understanding of and appreciation for a wide range of music
▪    Gain a more global outlook, with avenues for emotional expression

Graduates from this programme may further their studies in music by joining the ‘A’ Level Music Programme.