Singapore Quality Award

The Singapore Quality Award (SQA) was launched in 1994 with the Prime Minister as its patron. It is the most prestigious award conferred on organisations in recognition of their attainment of world-class standards of performance excellence.

School Excellence Award

School Distinction Award 

These Special Awards, comprising the School Excellence Award (SEA) and the School Distinction Award (SDA), form the highest level in the Masterplan of Awards.  These schools have distinguished themselves in having achieved overall systemic excellence in providing holistic education.

The School Excellence Award (SEA) recognises schools for their excellence in both education processes and outcomes.  It is the highest and most prestigious award in the Ministry of Education Masterplan of Awards framework.

The School Distinction Award (SDA) recognises the high achieving schools with exemplary school processes and practices, and that are on their way to achieving the SEA.

Outstanding Development Award-Character Development

The Character Development Award (CDA) recognises school for their efforts in developing good character in their students. This is represented by the triangle representing the Leadership, Culture and Systems, Processes and Structures that schools have put in place for effective character education. The circles represent efforts that schools have taken toward providing an all-round education to develop their students' character. Together, the triangle and circles depict a vibrant image of a child conveying our philosophy of putting the child at the centre of what we do. 


Development Award-National Education

National Education (NE) is an important part of our education process. It aims to develop in our young the instinct for survival, national cohesion and confidence in our future.  The NE Awards are given to schools in recognition of their NE efforts. 


Best Practice Awards

Best Practice Award Staff Well-Being

Best Practice Award Student All Round Development

Best Practice Award Teaching & Learning

The Best Practice Award (BPA) recognises schools for their effective processes and systems that lead to desirable education outcomes, academic or non-academic.

There are 4 categories of award for the BPA: Organisational Effectiveness, Student All-Round Development, Staff Well-Being, and Teaching and Learning. 

Sustained Achievement Awards

1st Award  |  4th Award  |  14th Award  |  11th Award  |  6th Award
The Sustained Achievement Award (SAA) recognises schools’ ability in sustaining good outcomes over a number of years, in either academic or non-academic areas.


Business Excellence Certifications

Singapore Quality Class (SQC) is the certification for the overall business excellence standard. Based on the internationally benchmarked business excellence framework, the SQC provides organisations with a holistic model for managing a business for excellence.

Singapore Innovation Class (I-Class) is the certification for the business excellence niche standard for innovation. The niche standard enables organisations to develop their innovation management capabilities.

Other Awards

Distinguished Defence Partner Award (2010,2011,2012)  |  National Art Education Award Gold (2002) Silver (2004) Blaze (2013)  |  Sustained Lotus Award (since 2005) 3R Awards 2014 - Silver; 3R Awards 2015 - Gold

CHERISH Award - Gold (2005, 2006, 2012) CHERISH Award - Silver (2008, 2010)  |  PARTNERS Award- Merit (2010)

The Distinguished Defence Partner Award (DDPA) is given by MINDEF to an organisation for its strong support of Total Defence.
The National Art Education (NAE) Award recognises and rewards schools in Singapore with good arts practices and programmes. The Blaze Award is the highest tier of the National Arts Education Award.
The Lotus Award is the highest award given out to schools by Singapore Environment Council. To achieve the award, a school would have to carry out a ‘re-Audit’ of its environmental programme in the following year and prove that it had significantly improved its results.
The CHERISH (CHampioning Efforts Resulting in Improved School Health) Award gives recognition to and encourages schools to establish comprehensive health promotion programmes for students and staff through the fostering of good physical, social and emotional health for optimal learning.
The PARTNERS Award is presented by COMPASS to recognise efforts made by schools in promoting and strengthening collaborative partnerships with their stakeholders such as parents, the alumni, School Advisory Committee/School Management Committee (SAC/SMC), community groups and business organisations.