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Setting Internet Access Restrictions

Where excessive Internet access is a problem, or possible access to undesirable materials is a concern, several things can be done:


a)           Subscribe to a family Internet plan

The Internet service providers (ISPs), such as SingNet, StarHub, M1 are usually able to provide some form of family friendly Internet access, blocking many of the objectionable sites. Contact your ISP for more details on what can be offered for your home.


b)           Controlling Internet use through the wireless router

If you have wireless Internet connection at your home then you are using a wireless router (some of these may be build into the modem). This provides a means of providing control to the Internet.


Switching on/off the Internet wireless router in your home is of course one simple way to control access to the Internet. This could easily be done using a timer switch.


However, many routers also allow for programming to limit access. Check your Wireless router for instructions on how to do this. A typical router setup routine is shown below, though obviously the exact steps will vary depending on the make and model of your router.


1. A typical home wireless router will have a setup page like this.




2. Selecting parental controls will bring up an options screen.




3. Select the device that you wish to have the parental controls for.





4. Allows for Internet access timings and some blocking of Internet materials.



5. The following shows the types of website blocked by this router.




6. Many routers allow for blocking of specific sites. Here FaceBook and YouTube will be blocked.