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Co Curricular Activities

The co curricular activities we offer to our students form an integral part of our pupil development programme. We strongly believe in fostering and nurturing our students’ talents and abilities in a fun yet challenging environment.  Under the guidance of experienced instructors and teachers who exemplify excellence and character, our programmes provide our students with the opportunities to grow and discover themselves.


Aims of CCA 

1. To help our students discover their strength of character
2.  To develop in our students the school’s value and school spirit
3. To nurture student leadership skills
4. To provide students with opportunities to pursue and excel in their area of talent and passion


Sports & Games

Badminton Judo Swimming Track & Field
Basketball Netball Wushu Volleyball
Gymnastics Softball Table Tennis Tennis
Sailing Shooting

Uniformed Groups

Girl Guides National Police Cadet Corp St John Ambulance Brigade

Performing Arts

Modern Dance Chinese Dance Guzheng Ensemble Theatre Club
Chinese Drama Society Choir Concert Band String Ensemble
Chinese Orchestra

Clubs & Societies

Nanyang Debate Chinese Society Audio-Visual Club Green Club
InfoComm Club Dragon & Lion Dance English Society Mindsports Club
Chinese Debate Nanyang Service Learning Nanyang Outdoors






Sports and Games [expand/collapse]

Our sports and games teams have helped to create a strong sports culture in our school. Helmed by experienced coaches and supported by a culture of excellence, we have sustained our achievements at the National level for many years. Top individual players have also been selected by the National Sports Associations to train under National coaches to represent the Singapore Youth Squads at overseas competitions.


Performing Arts [expand/collapse]

The performing arts groups offer a high level of artistic development in our young musicians, dancers and actors. Besides the Singapore Youth Festival, our performing arts groups have also performed on international platforms such as the prestigious Carnegie Hall in New York, USA and the Choir Games at Graz, Austria.

We are equally proud of our cultural heritage. Our Chinese Dance Society has won numerous accolades and widespread recognition. In addition, our Chinese Orchestra and Dragon & Lion Dance Troupe cum 24-Festival Drum Ensemble are all ways in which you can explore the rich Chinese arts and gain a deeper understanding for our Chinese culture and tradition.


Clubs and Societies [expand/collapse]

Our clubs and societies such as the Nanyang Debate Club (NYDC), Chinese Society (Debate) and Mind Sports Club have all attained both local and international recognition in recent years.  These clubs and societies are always exploring different avenues to develop their members to the best of their abilities, which explains their success stories.


Uniformed Groups [expand/collapse]

The 3 uniformed groups offered at our school - Girl Guides, National Police Cadet Corp and St John Ambulance Brigade – share a common goal of developing students who can lead and serve.  Students are strongly encouraged to join the Uniformed Groups as they contribute greatly to the holistic development of our future leaders.  Accolades that our Uniformed Group students have received include the President’s Guide Award.


Students Reflection [expand/collapse]

Theatre Club

Theatre Club is different from Drama in that we are given the opportunity to experience all aspects of theatre; acting, crewing, stage management, lighting and sound design as well as script writing. Theatre has thought me team spirit and shaped my character, teaching me perseverance, time management and diligence. Theatre Club has long become my second home where I find joy in interacting with like-minded people.


Melissa Yeo


Chinese Orchestra


Being in Chinese Orchestra is not just about learning an individual instrument.  We weave our notes to achieve musical harmony. My CO experience has taught me to always work towards the finale together with the rest, no matter how difficult the journey is. We cast our differences aside to work towards our common goal.


Liu Jiani


Chinese Dance


Through various performances and opportunities to lead, Chinese dance has given me an excellent platform to gain confidence and express my artistic interests.


Chua Yi Yi




Softball is not just brawn. Playing a game that largely revolves around
team work has helped me to be more tactful when interacting with others and also more tenacious when facing adversities.


Annette Wong


Track & Field


Track and Field has made me a more responsible and disciplined person. The tough training sessions have certainly taught me the importance of determination and allowed me to test my limits to see what I'm capable of.


Shermaine Yeo




NPCC has provided us with a different experience where it has shaped us to become resilient individuals ready to face future challenges. Our boots shine, but we shine brighter!


Batch 42


English Society


English society gives us so much more than the skills to read and write.  In English Society, we bring literature to life in our minds and our discussions.  We widen our perspectives through interaction with peers with a similar passion, we lead with pride and responsibility and together, we celebrate the beauty and color of the English Language.


Jamie Foo